New Modality Application

IICT New Modality EXAMPLE Certificate

If you know of a modality that is not on our approved modality list and you are a qualified trainer or founder who pioneered a new modality, you may request to have this approved by the IICT for membership and insurance purposes.

One Time Application Fee

  • Single Region (UK) £249
  • All Regions (All IICT Approved Countries) £349 

New Modality Requests for IICT Full and Executive Members is FREE. Therefore you may choose to join the IICT as a FULL Member (£79pa) or Executive Member (£99pa) to avoid the £249 one time application fee.

Gaining approval for your modality enables you to have access to the IICT membership benefits.  This includes Insurance cover for practitioners, plus access to discounted courses, the potential to become an IICT Approved Training Provider and advertising opportunities to denote your professional affiliation.

Please email any supporting documentation for your Modality Request application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (accepted files .PDF and .Jpeg maximum file size 1.5mb)


100% Modality Approved Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee your modality will be approved for membership and insurance purposes or we will refund your application fee in full, no questions asked!



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