What IICT Members Say

The following testimonials are from some of our recent IICT members.
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- Natalie Southgate - IICT Member

“I highly recommend IICT to any practitioner who is looking for the best professional membership; business support and insurance for their natural therapy practice.”


- Artemis. IICT Member

I have always been treated as a valued member of the IICT community, and am eternally grateful to IICT for the wonderful customer service and dedication they show to organisations who practice complementary techniques.”


- Mark Anthony

Before joining IICT it was challenging to find a reputable insurer for my business. Joining IICT enabled me to obtain reasonably priced insurance and the process was easy and efficient.



- Toni Reilly, IICT Member

“Before joining the IICT I found it impossible to be recognised by any professional body for my specialist modality, that was until I began working with the amazing team at IICT. They worked long and hard to make available insurance and to have my modality recognised as a legitimate therapy.”


Craig Hitchens IICT Member

"This is a fantastic organisation that provides professional affiliation for the natural health industry for over 1,150+ natural therapy modalities, I am pretty sure that is more than any other! The I.I.C.T. also recognise many, many distance education courses, modalities and colleges that other more publicised associations do not or refuse to, this in my opinion is a major step forward for the natural health industry."

IICT Member

- Martina Grabner, IICT Member

"The service of IICT was of utmost professionalism. All my questions were answered within one working day, the application was processed in the quickest possible way and I even got a personal "welcome call". Thanks so much for your support and your professional services. It is a true pleasure to deal with you. I simply feel that I made the right choice in joining the IICT."



- Melissa J Briggs, Therapeutic & Relaxation Therapist Pure Therapies, IICT Member

"IICT has enabled me to get reasonably priced insurance through a reputable insurer for my business. Being a member and having a practitioner listing also gives a "professional edge" in such a competitive industry. This in turn has enabled me to generate a successful client base. Thank you IICT. "


- Gerry Crow, Astrology and Tarot, IICT Member

"I have been very impressed with your high level of professionalism, care and service since dealing with you and your team, thank you. "


- Marg Pontin, IICT Member

"I am delighted to find IICT and see my modality recognised amongst a whole list of others. I am delighted to then be able to access insurance for my growing business. "



- Vanessa van der Kramer, IICT Member

"IICT is an excellent professional body for members of the complementary therapy industry. It provides support, advice and insurance giving a feeling of security to patients that a therapist is a member of a credible organization. "


Dr. Shari Read, BirthSkills, IICT Member

"Thank you very much for your emails and approval of our submission. I am very impressed with the speed with which the process took place. I very much appreciate your assistance and the service offered by the IICT. Your staff members have also been a great help."


- Susie Cochrane, IICT Member

"In the process of changing my professional membership to IICT my current insurance was updated over the phone with no additional paperwork or proof necessary. "



- Helen Papadopoulos, Counsellor, IICT Member

"The affordable rates offered by IICT have made it possible for me to become a member, get business insurance and continue to adverise during a time when the economy is not really thriving. Thanks IICT. "


- Erishka Fridman, Catt, IICT Member

"I would like to commend IICT on excellent customer service and thank management for providing full support to their members as well as helping to promote member’s businesses. I am very happy with the services IICT provides to their members and find membership fees to be very appropriate. I would highly and gladly recommend IICT to everyone. "


Cathy Wood, IICT Member

"I would like to add that I have found IICT always tends to customer care with the upmost professionalism. Congratulations on a wonderful website and business."


marionvalster 1

Marion Valster, IICT Member

"Thank you so much for your prompt response, I really appreciate it. It is very unusual these days for an organisation to respond so promptly and personally, without making one feel like being just another number"


- Carolyn Clark, IICT Member

"This is a great no fuss organization, you don't end up with a huge paper trail either. "


- Jane Elise Ferro, IICT Member

"Thank you for providing such a wonderful service to those of us assisting the in the healing modalities. "



- Robb Whitewood, Dynamic Mind Works, IICT Member

“IICT has to be the most straight forward Professional Body I have ever been involved with. Simply put, they do what they say they will every time. Just magic! Thank you IICT."



- Janis Gibson, Psychic Wisdom, IICT Member

"It is encouraging to note the number of practitioners that are affiliated with IICT. Through participation in many events around the country, i am pleased to connect with other practitioners and share a common ground. IICT are a professional company that demonstrates integrity through out. Very pleased to be a member. "


- Jacqui Cooper,Reiki Master, IICT Member

"I joined IICT a short time ago (6 weeks). I am very pleased with their business register, their follow up and interest in myself as a practitioner. I appreciate their diligence in checking my own authenticity and I love being able to use their logo on my certificates! I believe my membership provides me with support and gives my clients a sense of reassurance that my services are genuine. "



- Elizabeth Taylor, IICT Member

"My name is Elizabeth Taylor, I'm a Clairvoyant Medium Healer,Certified Teacher and a very satisfied member of IICT. There is no doubt, that belonging to such an Industrial body, gives credence to my work.To me it is a safe guard not only for myself but to the public as well.A solid status in the world wide community of Complementary Therapy, where anything and everything can happen, is not only an excellent bow to the arrow but ensures that I'm respected and acknowledged for my work.This is what IICT does for me on every level.My recommendation is to seek information from IICT and discover for yourself the intrinsic value of membership status,Thank you."


- Jenifer (Jan) Henderson, IICT Member

"The IICT provides professional membership opportunities to the most extensive range of wellbeing modalities. The recognition of The Journey by Brandon Bays as a modality has given Journey Practitioners throughout Australia and New Zealand, the opportunity of obtaining Professional Membership and Insurance cover at a reasonable price, which would otherwise not have been available to them. It is such a joy and pleasure to be a member of the IICT and I thoroughly recommend both the Association and its staff."


- Peter Morley, Shanthi Bhavana Meditation & Yoga, IICT Member

"IICT is my one stop shop for professional registration. This membership is displayed on all my printed material and on my web site. It shows that I am a professional and that I take my profession, with all it's ethics and high standards, very seriously. I shows that I am committed to upholding high professional standards of practice and attitude. I have worked very hard to attain certification qualifications in my profession and I am proud to display the IICT logo on all my products, program material and services. It 'labels' what I do as "Professional, International Standard".Their personal and friendly style of communication just makes it even easier to choose IICT as my first choice in health industry registration."



- Verena , IICT Member

"I love IICT because it offers me everything I need. I have switched from the NZ massage association (which I incidently helped found) to IICT. The price is right and I get insurance cover.Two of the biggest pluses was not having to constantly attend AGMs and not having to do professional Continued Professional Development."


- Kerry Selman, Wellness by the Sea, IICT Member

"IICT brims with integrity and a sense of co-operation and openness to all there is at every level. I choose to help others be however they choose to be, and then dare to be all that they choose to be ... and IICT supports me in my quest. I am in gratitude for the unfolding that led me to them."


- Suzanna Broughton, IICT Member

"I found IICT membership was easy to join and have always enjoyed fast and friendly service. Access to very reasonably priced insurance was the main driver in me joining but I have found many other benefits and have recommended IICT to other practitioners I know. ,Thank you."



-Monica Finazzo, The Enchantress, IICT Member

"IICT is a great association, which I am proud to be part of. When I spoke to the friendly staff, I knew that I had found exactly was I looking for."


- Vicki Dean, Director Circalore, IICT Member

"Thank you for your support and assistance as I went through the accreditation process for the Diploma of Mask and Traditional Healing. I felt I could approach IICT at any time for help and at a pivotal moment their input guided me through the final hurdle. It is a wonderful service IICT provides, that enables courses that equip students with the skills to navigate and support others through these times. I highly recommend IICT for students and practitioners. "