Scott Jansens Absurd Principle

Scott Jansens Absurd Principle

By Scott Jansen, Conversational Hypnosis Academy. The basis of any hypnotic approach is the classic ABS formula. This universal approach becomes the backbone for hypnosis to occur.

And just like all evolution we grow, adapt and become more attune to our environment. Which is why we can introduce you to a more advanced version of the ABS, that requires a few more steps but creates a greater trance and therapeutic outcome when working as a hypnotist.

This is almost like the ABS formula on steroids. Its increases versatility to suit any client and can be adapted to suit any style in hypnosis, NLP or coaching.


Scott Jansens Absurd Principle :

Just like the classic ABS, this remains the same.

A = Attention of a clients focus

B = Bypass Of the conscious mind, critical thinking

S = Stimulation of an unconscious process, unconscious moment or unconscious/ hypnotic cue


These 3 steps remain universal. So let us introduce you to how to enhance this process to give you a more robust and accepted style in conversational hypnosis.


U = Utilize all and anything the unconscious mind gives you. ( This happens as a result of stimulating the unconscious, we are essentially playing with the unconscious mind )

This could be anything from confusion, doubt, automatic movement, hallucinations, negative hallucinations, inability to move or speak, rapid eye blinking, illogical concepts, loss of attention, increased attention. ANYTHING of a more classical hypnotic cue or ANYTHING from an internal trance cue ( Feelings ).We want to utilize anything. This means that INSTEAD of creating something through our techniques we just wait to see what the unconscious mind gives us. And believe it or not, it will offer you unlimited ways to induct a trance if you are patient.


R = Ratify, grow and enhance the moment we are receiving.

We can do this by adding attention to it. Where attention goes energy flows. By adding fuel to a car we can drive the car. By adding attention to an unconscious moment we are increasing the severity of it, which means trance IS growing. The more the trance grows… The more a client will feel it…. The more they will tell us what they are feeling…. The more information we have to UTILIZE ( The whole process is just on repeat )


D = Direct the session and outcome towards the unconscious moment

Very simply we use the predicament our client has presented to us, and allow the law of association to CONNECT the unconscious moment ( Which is trance. And trance is FULL of resources ) to the session. When an unconscious moment is occurring, look at this as a door way into the unconscious mind. The analogy that fits here is… Opening up a cupboard ( Unconscious mind ), clearing out the old food and junk ( problems ) and filling it with fresh food and new groceries ( resources and solution) Close the cupboard ( end trance )


SO all of this gives us Scott Jansen’s A.B.S.U.R.D Principle in action. An advanced procedure to enhance the classic ABS formula.


About the Author:

Scott Jansen

Conversational Hypnosis Academy




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