12 Ways To Easily Hypnotize ANYONE

12 Ways To Easily Hypnotize ANYONE

By Scott Jansen, 12 Ways To Easily Hypnotize ANYONE. Its about time that we took advantage of some simple hypnotic strategies that can either be used individually to hypnotize anyone, or stacked on top of each other to reach hypnosis or be combined with your current systems.

So here are our favorite 12 ways to easily hypnotize ANYONE 

Cycle Attention: Simply direct a clients attention to certain feelings and sensations that we ALL have, that we are normally unaware of. Such as how hands can feel different than feet, or how 1 part of our body can feel heavy or even how we can think thoughts and also not think of thoughts.

Place Focus On A Sensation: Simply ask your client to find a sensation in their body and have them put all their attention on it, ask ask them if it grows or shift. Repeat this process until the whole body is feeling something.

Tell A Story: Simply tell a story that involves hypnotic themes. Such as a story about relaxation, or how the mind can drift or how people can do things in their day and not pay attention to them.

Use Your Eyes: Use more eye contact when speaking to people. Notice as you give more eye contact, you connect more and bypass normal consciousness that will normal create a sense of feeling uncomfortable.

Overload A Clients Thinking With Detail: Perhaps you tell a story that includes a lot of details so that the person listening loses track of the story and drifts off.

Use Metaphors to Explain Ideas: When you are explaining an idea, describe it though metaphor or analogy. This allows the unconscious mind to engage and connect the idea to the metaphor and subtract meaning from it. 

Use Confusion language: Use language to describe concepts, ideas or things and make the description abstract so a client never really understands what the hell you are talking about (Just make sure they keep their attention on you and what you are saying).

Create a monologue: Create a speech that links ideas and concepts together. Avoid stopping or thinking. This activates the over load principle again.

Slow Down: Slow your rate of speech and lower your tone to just above a whisper. This will sub-communicate for your subject and client to slow down also.

Talk About How You Go Into Trance: Describe to your subjects how you go into trance, what you feel and what you notice. This implies they should follow but its not a direct command.

Go Into Your Own Trance: Hypnosis is very contagious. If you can create your own trance, do it while speaking to people and watch how their own neurology will follow (Covert hypnotic trick).

Talk About Abstract Ideas: Talk about a subject or experience but use abstraction to describe it. The more abstract the more a subject will need to use more than the conscious mind to follow along.


About the Author:

Scott Jansen

Conversational Hypnosis Academy





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