Essential Tips for Creative Success for Wellbeing Practitioners

Essential Tips for Creative Success for Wellbeing Practitioners

By IICT Member Ginny West, Spirit in Business

Creativity can be your greatest asset for success in your wellbeing business. But what happens if your creative spirit is out of balance?


The most common mistakes I see when coaching wellbeing practitioners are either; letting judgement stop the ideas that come before they have a chance to be considered (it’ll never work, too many people are already doing that, I’m not sure I’m capable yada, yada, yada…) or allowing the creative spirit to run wild expending energy all over the place but committing to nothing.

So as an example let’s consider Kate Wilson, a yoga teacher of 3 years, and a few steps she can take to move forward.

1. Full permission – stop waiting for it and take it! Get a big sheet of paper and write down every single idea you have for your business, everything you’d like to do. Don’t hold back let it all flow without judgement, free flow without the mind interfering. EVERYTHING. Leave it out for 2 days and put anything else that gnaws at you or occurs to you. After 2 days that is IT. No more. If it hasn’t come to you in 2 days it’s not that important. 

2. Select one colour texta for long term, one for medium term and one for short term (that’s your first priority). Circle those dreams that are long term. As you can see from Kate’s paper below her long term goals are to become well known, write a book, start a yoga clothing range, teach in an overseas resort and lead yoga teacher training. Although Kate was instructed to go with what feel right, she reasoned afterwards that yes it will take time to be well known, that she would like to have at least 7 years more experience to lead teacher training and an overseas resort was just an experience she had an interest in rather than a high priority.

3. Go ahead and circle those dreams that are medium term and short term in different colours. From here Kate also discovered that she could cross a couple of ideas off altogether. She really didn’t want to work in the corporate arena, it was just something she heard people made good money from or it ‘sounded good’ rather than feeling right to her. Kate realised what she really wanted was her own yoga studio where she could run her classes, wellness days and workshops in her own unique way. After 3 years of working in community centres and feeling constrained by what she was trying to achieve, the idea of her own studio gave her a new sense of freedom. The remaining ideas on her paper were the qualities she wanted to bring to her studio; love, peace, radiance, community connection, leadership and sharing. From here we worked on her creative ideas for her classes, workshops and wellness days that held her core values and intentions, but were also held in a strong structure for success with excellent planning, commitment and dedication.

Once you are clear on what you want you bring the mind in to do the research. Kate is now clear, committed, excited and well on her way to pursuing her dreams. The trick is to let your creative spirit work INSIDE your business, once you have made the commitment of CHOICE, not running wild around the outside, arms waving to distract you from your dream! 


About the Author:

Ginny West provides business consultations, workshops and retreats around Australia on creating heartfelt success for Wellbeing practitioners. To find out more about Spirit in Business or to contact Ginny West call 0413 596 784 or follow these links:




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