5 Ways to Market your Wellbeing Business Online for Free

5 Ways to Market your Wellbeing Business Online for Free

By IICT Member Sophia Beirne, Career FAQs. The internet offers a myriad of ways for marketing a business, product or service at a very low cost. Smart marketers know what to look for in order to advertise their offer for free.

If you've just started a wellbeing business and are on the lookout for ways to tap into the marketing potential of the web, here are five tips to help you spread the word about your business – entirely for free.


1. Get your business on big local listing services

This is a smart way to get the word about your business out there. One obvious choice is Google My Business - https://www.google.com/business, which will help your company to be easily found in Google searches and displayed on Google Maps. All it takes is filling out a form, registering and verifying through mail or phone call.


Other online business directories you should look into are:


2. Start a blog

Having a blog is great for several reasons. It provides a space for direct interaction with your advice – consumers can ask questions, give you suggestions and their opinions about your product or service. To keep up the conversation you should update it frequently. There's nothing more disappointing than a blog with the last post dating back 3 months.


Having a blog on your company website will also boost its search rank. Every post will be keyword rich and positively affect your website's SEO. Finally, running a blog is the first step to establishing your status as an expert in the online community surrounding your sector or niche.


3. Use the right social media

It's worth investing time and resources in social media. Social networks provide another important point of interaction between your brand and customers. You can attract new people to your business, share frequent updates and gain followers – maybe some of them will even become your advocates.


Make sure to choose the right channels. To do so, determine where your target audience spends most time, which networks are used by your competitors and what the trending platforms in your sector are. In this case, more doesn't mean better. It's more practical to have two very active channels than five that aren't frequently updated.


4. Take extra care about your website’s SEO

Search engine optimisation is your friend in online marketing. Most users rely on Google Search, and if your website is hard to find, your brand might lose out on credibility. Strong brands always appear at the very top of search rankings, so make sure yours figures right there – consult with SEO professionals or have a look at an online how-to SEO guide.


5. Become an influencer in your online community

Every niche is surrounded by online communities, which are waiting for you to get involved in. Why not sign up for a forum and add value to the ongoing discussions? If you choose to go down this path, avoid sounding promotional by overtly mentioning your business in all posts. This will only annoy users.


The key to successful marketing here is relying on passive promotion – just place a link in your signature and wait for it to be recognized together with the value of your contributions to the online conversation.


When marketing your business online, you'll learn that the web is full of advertising options. Choose them well, commit to engaging your audience and your brand will grow in no time.



About the Author:

Sophia Beirne is a dedicated tutor and writer. Currently, she develops her passion at Career FAQs, one of the leading providers of career and educational resources in Australia.



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