Top 10 Tips for Promoting your Natural Therapy Business using Online Marketing

Top 10 Tips for Promoting your Natural Therapy Business using Online Marketing
By IICT  Unlike traditional marketing strategies online marketing strategies don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to implement and can be tailored to accurately market your products and services to people who are actively seeking or interested in your natural therapy business.

The benefits of online marketing are not a new discovery, they are however shockingly underutilised in the natural therapy field. To help ensure you get the most out of your business’ online potential we have compiled this list of the top 10 most important tips for promoting your natural therapy business through online marketing.


1. Set up a Website

While this may seem obvious to some it is simply amazing how many businesses do not have a website. Everything about your business’ online presence links back to your website: without a website your online marketing is completely moot.


2. Set up a Listing for Search Engine Local Directories

Simple and highly effective, setting your business up on search engine local directories is a proven method for increasing interest in your business. Google and Bing are free to list while Yahoo has a small fee to join but gets you access to a range of associated listings including White Pages, Yelp and MapQuest.


3. Network through Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram are all free services that are essential for online marketing success. Get involved with industry websites through Twitter, publish links to your articles on Facebook, update your credentials on LinkedIn, and put photos of your new products on Instagram. These platforms are designed for marketing, so make the most out of them.


4. Email Marketing

Like traditional newsletters, email marketing is an effective way to stay in touch with your clients and let them know about any upcoming events or specials you have running, inform them of any news about your business, and promote new products you have available at your store.


5. Use Google Analytics

There is no denying the influence of Google, and the best thing about their services is the way you can track all of the web traffic coming to your site. Just like you should be analysing your budgets every week, so too should you be checking on Google Analytics to see if your current online marketing is making a marked difference to your online efficacy.


6. Set up an Online Business Card

Every time you send an email to a client it is a small call-to-action so it should be clearly marked with your URL, your business’ name, and telephone and address details. Design your online business card and give it as much thought as you would your physical card to make it an appealing call-to-action in every customer’s inbox.


7. Get Published on an Industry Website

While writing for your own website is a must one of the best ways to link your site to other pages and get better exposure to potential clients who aren’t already viewing is to get published on a website associated with your business. By getting published on an associated but unaffiliated website you are proving your expertise to current and potential clients and accessing new audiences outside those already viewing your website.


8. Put Videos of your Products or Demonstrations on YouTube

If you have a natural therapy business that consists of visual stimuli then YouTube is going to be one of your major platforms for online marketing. Therapies like yoga and fitness can be demonstrated in well-produced videos that will receive thousands of hits if utilised correctly. If your area of expertise is less visual YouTube is still a great way to market any new arrival products or simply as informational and instructional videos about what it is your business does.


9. Make the Most of Google Maps

If you’re a business with a storefront then you need to ensure that when customers come clicking they find all of the information they need on Google Maps. Ways in which you can effectively optimise your map include; making your map public, adding points of interest to help customers find you, add links back to your site, and always ensure your contact details are visible and available.


10. Offer Discounts

Customers love to feel like they are getting a deal, so give them one. Social media is a great way to get the word out to potential customers about your current deals and discounts and introductory specials are a great way to get a bite from new customers.


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