8 Top Tips To Leverage your Niche in Wellbeing

8 Top Tips To Leverage your Niche in Wellbeing

By IICT Member Ginny West, Spirit in Business. Hopefully by now you are really clear on what your niche, or point of difference is, in the wellbeing field.

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The biggest mistake I see once people have chosen their niche, is that they tend to carry on communicating generally, instead of consistently reaffirming their niche through their marketing, social media content, products and services.

This blog has a few great tips on how you can leverage your niche to help more people because well…that’s what you’re here for isn’t it? I’m using a test case of a Naturopath who may have a niche in stress and anxiety relief v/s a naturopath who has a niche in nutrition, and how each one can be leveraged for success, but you can apply this principle to any wellbeing modem. so lets get started…


1. Tip of Tongue Top of Mind

‘Tip of tongue, top of mind’ is a great phrase used by Jonah Berger, the author of Contagious. It’s about how people will respond better to subjects that are already on the top of their mind. That may mean the weather or season, the day of the week, the time of year (like Christmas or holidays), events (like New Year or football season) or current affairs (what’s on the news, what people are talking about).

The idea is to link your product to whatever is on the top of your customers’ mind. For example right now in Victoria it is really cold, on the news there is much talk of a flu epidemic and lo and behold a lot of your friends seem to be coming down with a cold (lets leave the psychology of that alone for a moment!). So things that may be on your clients mind are winter, being cold, their immune system, what will happen at work or family if they get sick etc.


2. Leveraging Your Wellbeing Niche to Help

The word leverage can be a little loaded, but here I am talking about making the most of your opportunity to make a difference in peoples lives by stepping in where you see a need, and an opportunity to help. Now of course you can offer winter wellness programs, but here I want to talk about making it specific to what you specialize in. There are thousands of naturopaths out there posting about garlic, vitamin c and honey and there’s nothing wrong with that, but if you want to stand out from the crowd you need to keep your message specific to your niche and your audience.

For example if you are a naturopath who specializes in stress and anxiety relief you should be posting about how stress and anxiety affects our immune systems, 3 simple meditation techniques to boost your immune system this winter, creating a stress free home for a healthy winter, healthy mind/healthy body philosophy, a winter retreat for deep relaxation and so on. On New Years you could launch a New Year, New Calm campaign. Come Christmas time you would be posting on 5 methods for staying calm in crazy season, top tips to avoid family stress or give the gift of calm this season with your herbal tea blends.

Alternatively if your niche was nutrition, you would be posting on nutritional essentials for a healthy immune system, at Christmas you would be posting about healthy Christmas dinners and on the New Year launch a healthy food challenge. Tying your niche to your voice creates a specialist, not a generalist. You should always be reaffirming who you are and what you do. If you chop and change your message with each season or event you’ll confuse people.


3. Align Yourself with Niche Partners

When you align yourself with industry partners you create great contacts, referral partners, a supportive community and access to the latest industry developments. For stress and anxiety relief follow any initiatives being run by Beyond Blue, new studies on developments in Positive Psychology, join the Happiness and it’s Causes conference and so on. Obviously some will be more aligned with you than others so be discriminating with what ties in with your ethics and philosophy.

If nutrition is your niche look out for Sustainable Food Markets, Organic Food Festivals, Local Gyms or Healthy Eating Groups. You can even use your niche to promote your altruism such as writing about everyone’s right to decent nutrition, or offering a portion of your earnings to help nutition programs in developing nations, schools etc.


4. Create a Calendar for Your Niche

Check out your local council, state events or global days that relate to your niche, and see if you can join in, speak, run a local event or promote it in your social media calendar. If you specialize in stress and anxiety relief make a note in your calendar for RU Okay day, mental health week, world meditation day or let people know the Dalai Llama is coming to visit!

If you are focused on nutrition look out for World Nutrition Day, Healthy Eating Week or Real Food Festivals. Don’t overdo this but if you are posting about industry events and places people can connect to their passion, and improve their health, they are likely to see you as the one in the know. And people love insider knowledge they can tell their friends about.


5. Clarity, Consistency and Commitment 

When you are clear and consistent about your communication you are committing to yourself, your clients and your intentions. You are following through on your promise to provide the best available service in your niche. You can dress it up anyway you like, but if you are not committed to your niche and following through on it, you can’t provide the best available service because your attention is split, your services are split and your message is split.

Can you see how as we take each niche deeper it becomes more impossible to do both? It’s impossible to get the same level of depth if you are split in your direction. Your content calendar will look like a mad persons, you’ll be running from expo to expo and industry to industry, and you’ll be spending way too much money.

Commit to your niche wholly and fully and you will feel the deepest, most heart centered, joyful connection. It makes you totally immersed in who you are and what you do. And you will be most successful there. Trust me. And as an added bonus you will have more time for friends, family, getting out in nature, and well….life..and that equals more time for your own wellbeing.


6. Strong Branding

Keep your branding strong and clear by assigning a business name, content, marketing strategies and partnerships all in line with your niche. Your brand is held by your customers perception, so if you say you specialize in relaxation, but keep posting action shots or quotes on soldiering on, that is how your customers will see you.


7. Social Proof

Gather testimonials (preferably with photos), ask clients to give you a review on Facebook, request endorsements on LinkedIn, from experts in your industry, peers, local business groups and friends. Hold an event, talk or webinar specific to your niche and ask for reviews. Social proof is huge in the new marketing revolution and the more loyal you are to your niche the more the testimonials will reflect that.


8. SEO Optimisation

Having content on your website, e-courses, social media, event sites or e-commerce that reinforces your name, your brand and your niche will give you greater google search results. Be sure, if you haven’t already, that your website is responsive (mobile friendly) or this will knock you way down the rankings ladder.


So…commitment, consistency and following through on your deepest work will open up huge doors for you, but if you’re still not sure on your niche join the free e-course below, make an appointment or join one of our upcoming workshops in Geelong, Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane.





About the Author:

Ginny West provides business consultations, workshops and retreats around Australia on creating heartfelt success for Wellbeing practitioners. To find out more about Spirit in Business or to contact Ginny West call 0413 596 784 or follow these links:





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