The Essential Review for a Successful 2016

The Essential Review for a Successful 2016

By IICT Member Ginny West, Spirit in Business.So you’re sitting on the cusp of a New Year, but before you launch into your plans for 2016, there is one absolute must for a successful outcome, and that is your in depth review of 2015.

A lot of people avoid this because it can be a bit of a reality check, and even bring up a few emotions around projects that didn’t go so well, but it’s better to know your mistakes rather than repeat them. On the plus side you need to celebrate your wins, appreciate all your hard work and recognise areas that show potential for amazing growth so let’s take a deep breath and dive in….


Break it down

Divide the year into quarters: January – March, April – June, July – September and finally October to December. It is really important to break each quarter down because it’s easy to made a sweeping statement about the year, where you might brush over a little gold nugget. When you look closely it’s like – yeah I remember that worked really well. This is where I love a wall planner where I can look at the whole year, or each quarter all in one place.



What were the most lucrative quarters and why? Was it seasonal or a particular project you had running through those months? Remember to look at not just the finances, but the projects. Where did you waste time and why? What worked really well? What did you love doing the most? What brought you the most joy, and did you allow yourself to earn money in these areas? Were there any months that were really tough for you because you had too much or not enough on? How was the cash flow? What advertising methods worked the best for you, and which ones were not all they were cracked up to be? How was your self care? Where do you have gaps in your knowledge which may require further education or coaching? Meditate upon each quarter too so deeper wisdom may arise. Allow time and space, step back and try to take a bird’s eye view.


Action the results

Ask yourself what could you do differently in each quarter and action it. Do you need to plan for more time off? Then put it on your calendar. Were you going to repeat something that took up a lot of time and energy for little return, that you need to delete from your plan? Go ahead and do it. Did you get distracted by side projects, and what will you do this year to make sure you stay on track? For instance for every new idea have a list of questions to ask yourself like; is this idea a distraction or an addition to my business? For every bit of awareness in your evaluation, you need to follow it up with action and wisdom; either adding or removing things from your plan and raising your level of awareness.


Balance Spirit and Business

Now there may be some projects that didn’t go so well, but you just know are part of your soul path. So before you chop it out ask yourself if you sabotaged it. Did you allocate enough time and money there? Are you afraid to come out and do your true soul work? Honor your deepest work enough to give it the time and devotion it deserves by creating space for it in your calendar.


Soul Work

What were your 3 major learnings on the positive side, and what were your 3 major learnings for improvement? Treat yourself with love, compassion and understanding, whilst committing to making positive changes to back yourself for the future. Deal with any sabotage or old patterns immediately and take your new awareness into 2016. If necessary totally edit your current plan to allow for this wisdom to serve you. And always remember, trends never last but soul work is eternal, so step into 2016 in the space of love, truth, authenticity, responsiveness and awareness, and you will experience the joy of success physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Blessings on you and your business for 2016.


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About the Author:

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