COVID-19 – What Does This Mean for My Business?


Dear IICT Members,


For a community committed to healing, health, and wellbeing, the last couple of weeks have been difficult for us all. At present, the situation appears to be changing on an hourly basis, and our #1 priority is to keep our team safe and to help our members.


Given this current uncertainty, please find below a statement about your insurance, that we hope will answer some of your insurance questions. Please be assured we will continue to monitor the situation very closely and advise of any further changes as they come to light.


If you have questions, please email BGi Insurance Brokers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The BGi Insurance team is working around the clock to provide support to customers during this difficult time. If you’re waiting on a reply email, please be patient as they're doing all they can to contact customers as quickly as possible.


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Stay safe friends,


Founder and CEO (Chief Enthusiasm Officer)


COVID-19 – What Does This Mean for My Business?


We want to share with you what we are doing to protect our people and our members. Please note that measures are in place to ensure service delivery is not impacted. Additionally, we are actively engaging with Insurers to clarify and confirm coverage interpretation to provide members as much information as possible, along with news of any developments.


COVID19 is presenting many businesses with challenges, and understanding their level of insurance coverage is just one consideration. Whilst the situation is evolving at a rapid rate, it is difficult to provide a definitive answer to each business or personal circumstance.


However, we can highlight that in most circumstances, Insurers have declared COVID19 as an exclusion.


We'll continue to work with strategic partners to conduct further coverage reviews and monitor the development of COVID-19 closely. We will communicate information that may impact you as it comes to light.




Can I claim loss of income due to COVID 19?


If you have business insurance you should check with your insurer. 


Does my professional indemnity cover me for COVID 19?


We would need to understand the individual circumstances of a claim. If you have a claim you should notify your insurer immediately.


Can I practice Telehealth?


Provided it’s considered within the scope of your individual practice, in most cases, you can practice telehealth and, where practicable, this is recommended. 


What measures should I be taking?


It is important that you follow and keep up to date with all directions and advice issued by state and federal health bodies around hygiene and cleanliness. 




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